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A Guided Meditation From Alan Watts

Posted by Calum Napier on
A Guided Meditation From Alan Watts

Wee are receiving more & more enquiries regarding Anxiety & when you take a look at the stats, it seem to be a global epidemic. 

Did You Know?

An estimated 275 million people suffer from Anxiety disorders.
That's around 4% of the global population, with a spread of between 2.5% & 6.5% of population per country.
Around 62% of those suffering from Anxiety are female (170 million), compared with 105 million male sufferers.


When used properly, Meditation allows you to slow down and observe the world without judgment.

If you live with generalised Anxiety disorder (GAD), it can also help to reduce worrying thoughts and bring about a feeling of balance, calm and focus.

If you, like millions of others around the world, suffer with Anxiety, Stress or even Depression, take 15 minutes for yourself out of your day & be guided by the great Alan Watts into a deep state of meditation & mental clarity.

If anyone is feeling Anxious, Stressed, Depressed or alone, just pick up the phone, Wee are here to help.
Much love 
Calum, Rebecca & Mylo

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