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Who Are Wee?

Wee are you! Wee have experienced the highs & lows to obtaining health & wellbeing. Tired of the mainstream approach, Wee changed direction & chose a natural & holistic path.

Wee chose CBD will you?

Wee believe in a natural, sustainable & ethical approach to life. Nature itself is the best physician & to respect this, Wee only use natural methods of farming coupled with our gentle co2 extraction process to bring you CBD purity from soil to oil.

In recent times, Cannabis has unfairly received bad press, but Wee are here to break down the stigmas, negative thought patterns & educate.

Wee are proud & unapoligetic in our pursuit for the perfect Cannabis CBD products. Wee are here to help YOU & change public opinion on this awe-inspiring plant.

Wee strive to bring YOU the purist CBD products coupled with outstanding, compassionate customer care.

Wee CBD, do you?

Cannabis Supplementation Without Intoxication

from soil to oil

How cbd works

Cannabis Confusion, CBD & THC

The MHRA, The VMD & Medicinal Claims

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK which is responsible for ensuring that medicines & medical devices work & are acceptably safe.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs seeking to protect public health, animal health, the environment & promoting animal welfare by assuring the safety, quality & efficacy of veterinary medicines in the UK.

Due to the rules & regultions set out by the above agencies you will not see The Wee Hemp Company make medicinal claims relating to our products, nor do Wee sell products aimed at pets.

The Wee Hemp Team