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Buying CBD Products - The Do's & The Don'ts

Posted by Calum Napier on
Buying CBD Products - The Do's & The Don'ts
As cannabinoid medications appear to be now available on the NHS for only a couple of specific conditions, many will be left in limbo & try & source these type of products elsewhere. 

Starting your CBD health & wellness journey can be hard (Wee know, Wee did it too).

With so many CBD brands popping up all across the country with no real knowledge of the plant, cannabinoids or the Endocannabinoid System in general, the search for real, credible & reliable information is like trying to find a needle in a hay-stack...

The Cannabinoid Wild West
In the UK, the CBD industry has recently been estimated at around £300 million in expenditure in the last 12 months, coupling that with the fact that cannabidiol, or CBD, has been touted as "the most in-demand food supplement of 2019"  & its close relationship to cannabis, its was bound to attract some nefarious characters.
Many cowboy CBD "companies" have been popping up all over the country selling sub-par products & spewing out some awful advice. Some of these products have been found to contain illegal cannabinoids, some significantly lower cannabinoid contents than their label suggested & some even contain no cannabinoids whatsoever.
These cowboys do not care about your health & wellness & are only out to make a quick buck.
Luckily, Wee can help you spot them a mile away...

Here at Wee Hemp your safety is paramount to us.

Wee are not just another brand in the UK selling CBD products, our journey into the CBD industry was born out of necessity after my wife, Rebecca, was diagnosed with her second chronic condition, Fibromyalgia. 

Since the age of 5, Rebecca has suffered from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that affects over 115,000 people in the UK alone.

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system or gut. It can affect any part of the gut, though the most common area affected is the end of the ileum (the last part of the small intestine), or the colon. Crohn's does not discriminate, it affects people of all ages, including children.

The majority of Rebecca’s life was spent in & out of hospital & throughout this, Rebecca’s battled with PTSD, severe anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia & depression just to name a few. 

Then in late 2016 she was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, another very debilitating condition. 

The help available on the NHS for Fibromyalgia is extremely limited & in most cases old school anti-depressants & pain-killers are prescribed, which is not ideal.

After 2 days of trying these prescriptions her body started reacting & rejecting them. It was like her body had reached its limit- enough was enough.

That Christmas Rebecca suddenly started reacting to many foods & quickly realised she needed to get to the root causes and heal herself via a natural, holistic route. 

That's when Wee discovered cannabinoids & the Endocannabinoid System.

There was a lot of trial & error in the beginning & big differences between brands Wee trialled.

Wee quickly noticed that not all CBD products are created equal, in fact, some are not even worthy of the title of “A CBD Product”.

That's when Wee jumped on a flight to a laboratory in Europe who specialised in CO2 Extraction of CBD from organic hemp to build our own brand of premium quality, comprehensive, Full Spectrum CBD based products for the people who need it in Scotland & the rest of the UK.   

Sadly, in the UK right now, many cowboys & rogue traders have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, fabricating lies about their product, the benefits of their "CBD" & making unsubstantiated medical claims about how their products will cure X, Y & Z.

If there is to be a UK CBD industry going forward, Wee must not be tricked by these sharks selling salad dressing or potentially harmful, untested products. The MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) & Home Office CAN & WILL shut the industry down because of these rogue traders if it continues, it's hugely important to keep away from these predators preying on those just looking to feel better. 

That's why Wee give you...


1. Ensure the company / seller you are buying from is reputable & preferably listed / a member of a reputable trade association- that way you know the company / seller (like ourselves) has been vetted & complies with MHRA & FSA rules & regulations. Safety is paramount.
Lab Test Results

2. Lab test reports/ certs- if there's no certs available to view or just one cert covering all products etc DO NOT BUY. Whether this is in a shop or online. Request to see the cert from the seller, if they can not produce it then DO NOT BUY, you have no idea what is in the product. Zero CBD, illegal substances etc. The batch number & expiry date should be on both the cert & on the product. Safety is paramount.
Price Too Good To Be True? It Definitely Will Be...

3. DO NOT BUY! Safety is paramount.

Many self claimed "CBD products" can be found cheaply on Ebay & Amazon. The one’s on Ebay are fake beyond a doubt & have been known to have illegal cannabinoids found in them, the one's on Amazon do not contain any CBD whatsoever, please read the labels & product descriptions when next shopping on Amazon, none contain the word Cannabidiol or CBD on their labels (which is a legal requirement) only “hemp extract”, “hemp extract" IS NOT CBD, these unfortunately are very expensive salad dressings.

Need proof? Here is some of the evidence with actual laboratory test results:

Note: The above products (along with at least a dozen more) were taken from Ebay & tested in an independent laboratory to find out their true cannabinoid content. None were legal, some had CBD levels significantly lower than their label suggested, some had no CBD at all & some had illegal cannabinoids. BE CAREFUL.

Medical Claims

4. If there are medical claims or the benefits of CBD being advertised by the company / seller they are breaking MHRA & FSA rules & regulations.

These companies / sellers / individuals are damaging the industry as a whole & damaging what compliant companies are trying to achieve - keeping you safe & keeping CBD legal. Unfortunately, the majority of these sellers aren't interested in your health or wellbeing, or in fact the industry, they are jumping on the cannabinoid bandwagon & looking to make a quick buck. 

Illegal Forms of CBD
5. CBD in the form of "indica", buds, flowers, isolate in foods (including drops) are illegal- DO NOT BUY as it's against UK law.
With changes in law by the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) last year, CBD products specifically targeted for pets are now prohibited in the UK. Any company in the UK with CBD pet products are breaking the law & do not care about the welfare of your Wee companion. 
Note: All Mammals have an Endocannabinoid System.
  • Not a reputable / vetted company / seller
  • No lab reports / certs
  • Cheap in price (too good to be true)
  • Medicinal claims
  • Illegal CBD products
Final Wee Thought

Wee have been through our own CBD health & wellness journey & know it can be quite overwhelming, especially in the beginning, many of these cowboys like to run their "business" in these grey areas & areas of confusion in order to make a quick sale, please be careful, CBD shouldn't be an impulse buy when someone offers a "great deal" or has confused you with clever marketing lingo, it should be a thought-out & well considered purchase to better your life, a personal investment in your health & wellness.

If you require any help, regardless who you are purchasing products from, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, concerns or questions & Wee will advise as best as Wee can.

For more info

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Wee are here to help.
Additional Info
Crohn's Symptoms:

The symptoms range from mild to severe and can change over time, too. However, the most common are:

    Abdominal pain and diarrhoea
    Passing of blood in the stool
    Tiredness and fatigue
    Feeling generally unwell or feverish
    Mouth ulcers
    Loss of appetite and weight loss
    Anaemia (a reduced level of red blood cells)


    Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

      Widespread pain
      Extreme sensitivity
      Poor sleep quality
      Cognitive problems ('fibro-fog')
      Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


      If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please consult your doctor at once.

      For more info on Crohn's Disease please visit:

      For more info on Fibromyalgia please visit:


      Much Love xx

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