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Why does our Fantastic Fungi Supplements say 'Clean' on the Ingredients List??

Posted by Calum Napier on
Why does our Fantastic Fungi Supplements say 'Clean' on the Ingredients List??

If you have noticed on our new Fantastic Fungi supplements, the ingredients list on the labels say "Clean Lion's Mane" or "Clean Reishi" or "Clean Cordyceps" but what does "Clean" actually mean in this context?

Lion's Mane Mushroom Clean Extract - The Wee Hemp Company, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Supplement extracts are often spray dried into powder form, often stabilising agents such as dextrose is added in this process. Wee choose not to add this within our extract processing meaning our capsules are as pure and clean as possible.

Also, wee do not use any fillers or flow agents in our recipe so our customers have the best quality products available. So if our supplement says "Clean Lion's Mane" - you can be assured that is the only ingredient in the capsules!

As these Fantastic Fungi do not include any stabalising agents, wee have included silica gel packets to each container so they can do the job of adsorbing any additional moisture during the customers time of using the capsules.

When wee say clean, wee really do mean clean!!


These new Vegan Friendly Capsules are available in our Fantastic Fungi Boxset:

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