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The Wee Christmas Box Set

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Wee are proud to be winners of FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Micro Business of the Year & The Elevator UK Award, Sponsored by The Prince's Trust.

Old Farming Methods, Elevated By Science

The Perfect Secret Santa Box Set This Christmas


It's getting to that time of year again...

As panic, anxiety & stress builds in the uninitiated & unprepared this Christmas trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, clever Wee you has found the perfect gift to wash all those nagging, uncomfortable feelings away, all the while grabbing an awesome Box Set for that special person, clever you Wee Hemper!! 

 The Wee Christmas Box Set - The Perfect Secret Santa Gift Idea - The Wee Hottie | The Wee CBD Infused Coffee | Wee Hemp Tea - Hemp Tea - Organic Hemp & Chamomile Tea or Hemp, Green Sencha & Jasmine Tea- Wee Hemp Co. - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

What's In The Box?

The Wee Christmas Box Set From Wee Hemp - The Wee Hottie - CBD Infused Canna'B Rum Hot Sauce, Ground), Wee Hemp Tea (Your choice of Hemp & Chamomile Tea or Hemp, Green Sencha & Jasmine Tea)
  1. The Wee Hottie - CBD Infused Canna'B Rum Hot Sauce - Rehydrated ancho chilli's in our CBD Infused Canna'B Rum, with apple juice (our perfect serve), pineapple juice, ginger & Trinidad Scorpions. This sauce will spice up any dish or snack lacking that wow factor!! Perfect for Christmas leftovers. (RRP: £8)

  2. Luxury CBD Infused Colombian Coffee (Whole Bean or Ground) Colombian single-origin, medium roast coffee. Delicious coffee boasting rich toffee & walnut flavours with a hint of citrus zest. Perfectly balanced with a sweet & smooth finish. 100mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused, 10mg per cup. (RRP: £16)

  3. Wee Hemp Tea (Your choice of Hemp & Chamomile Tea or Hemp, Green Sencha & Jasmine Tea) - Expertly hand-crafted blended tea designed to help you relax & unwind for the perfect night’s sleep…all while tasting great. Each pouch contains 15 pyramid teabags containing all organic ingredients. Each teabag makes 3-4 large brews...So keep pouring!! (RRP: £12)

If you wish us to send this item direct to your loved one please leave instructions it the comments section in your basket. Wee will require a name & postal address.