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Hemp & Chamomile Tea - Calm | Relax | Sleep

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Wee are proud to be winners of FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Micro Business of the Year & The Elevator UK Award, Sponsored by The Prince's Trust.

Old Farming Methods, Elevated By Science

Calm | Relax | Sleep

Because a great tomorrow starts tonight!

Organic Hemp & Chamomile blend handcrafted to help calm down your immune system & nerves to aid a better night's sleep.

Packed with antioxidants, nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties & detoxifying agents, this beautifully balanced Wee Tea boasts powerful effects on the body. Chamomile is considered to have a nervine action on the body meaning that it is used to calm the nerves to help us wind down & fall peacefully asleep.

Hemp Tea - Organic Hemp & Chamomile Tea - Unwind & get a better night's sleep - Calm | Relax | Sleep - Wee Hemp Co. - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

There's a reason Wee haven't previously released our own Hemp Tea...Wee have never tried one that's any good...Until now...& this is Wee Calum's favourite Tea ever!!

Introducing our very own, expertly crafted, Hemp & Chamomile Tea, the perfect cuppa to:

Calm - Your nerves & immune system & reduce your inflammation. (Note: In a 2010 study, women who consumed Chamomile Tea reported less anxiety & distress associated with period pain).

Relax - Unwind your mind & body with our Cannabinoid rich & powerful organic hemp & Chamomile blend.

Sleep - Get a better night's sleep, after all, a good tomorrow starts tonight! (Note: In one review of the current evidence, 10 of 12 cardiovascular patients are quoted as having fallen asleep shortly after consuming Chamomile Tea).

The Maths: 

1 cup = 22p (1 bag = 3/4 cups)

You Get: Peace of mind (in an ideal world), 3/4 cups (full of flavour) of Tea, & a sense of calm & relaxation in preparation for a peaceful night's sleep.

Wee Say: That a pretty sWeet way to drift off to dreamland.

Product Info:

Each box contains 15 pyramid teabags each with 1g of organic Hemp & 1g organic Chamomile.
Each bag makes 3-4 large serves...So keep topping up!!

Packaging: Recyclable, sustainable & environmentally responsible


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