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Wholotropic by Wee Hemp - Art Work by Calum Napier - No Man Left Behind - CBD & Hemp Supplements for Health & Wellness, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep - Wee Hemp, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Multi Award Winning Family Business

Life aids to feel whole.

"Never compare your chapter 1, to someone's chapter 30"

Wee are all at different stages in life, looking for different things & with life goals that need us at our very best, one thing Wee all have in common is looking after our health & wellbeing.

Years ago, Rebecca used to say to me "I just wanted to feel whole again". 

Rebecca Napier - The Wee Hemp Company - Wholotropic

Since the age of 5, Rebecca has suffered from Crohn's Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that affects over 115,000 people in the UK alone.

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system or gut. It can affect any part of the gut, though the most common area affected is the end of the ileum (the last part of the small intestine), or the colon. Crohn's does not discriminate, it affects people of all ages, including children.

After multiple life saving operations & having large portions of her small intestine removed, it left Rebecca with a disheartened feeling of having part of her & her identity taken away, she didn't feel whole.

Although Rebecca may never be "whole" in a physical sense & after wrestling with this idea for many years, Wee decided to turn a somewhat negative experience into a positive concept, one with a brand new perspective. 

Perspective is our favourite word.

Every situation can be view in many different ways, it's our job to seek the best perspective on the situation & commit to the new found perspective, if you can master this tool, happiness soon follows.

Throughout Rebecca's health & wellness journey (she also battles with Fibromyalgia) she continually added tools to her arsenal to combat her many ailments. Now is trained in a host of holistic therapies & has adopted a mind, body, soul & spirit approach to life. She is also completing her nutritional training course.

Rebecca Napier holding a CBD bottle - Wee Hemp Company

In Sept 2017, she managed to kick all pharmaceuticals – which is the 1st time since she was 5yrs old, & has the tools in place to help her through everyday life. Her bravery, fighting spirit & determination to not let these chronic conditions rule her life & to step out & equip herself with the various coping mechanisms laid the foundations & the philosophy of "feeling whole" & was the inspiration for our new Wholotropic™ Range.

Holotropic - from the Greek words, "holos" (whole) & "trepein" (to move toward), the word "holotropic" translates to "moving toward wholeness." 

Wholotropic™ - to feel whole.

Wee want you to feel whole with our new range of Wholotropic™ supplements & tea's, inspired by our founder, Rebecca, & her journey from illness to wellness.



Wee have combined our award winning CBD with a tool-belt of carefully selected, plant based Superfood ingredients, all working in synchronistic harmony to promote your health & wellness & aiding us all to a state of wholeness.

All products are rigorously 3rd Party Lab tested to ensure precise, effective & yummy doses each & every time.