Wee Hemp Press

The Evening Express

🗣"Like the hemp plant, we're multifaceted too and so much more than CBD. So Wee will work this hurdle to our benefit"

The Press & Journal

"It seems Facebook has taken the Christmas period as an opportunity to catch companies off-guard, with many pages being shut down on Boxing Day"

The Press & Journal's Small Business Focus

"Another step in helping to raise the profile of The Wee Hemp Company & this amazing plant" 🌱

The Evening Express

🗣 “This takes cannabis out of the dark ages and into the modern world and should go a long way in removing the stigma surrounding it” Calum Napier, The Wee Hemp Co.

The Evening Express

"An Aberdeen woman who has faced a lifelong battle with two severe medical conditions has started a business selling the hemp oil she believes changed her life."

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