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CBD Dosage Guide

Wee Hemp Co. CBD Dosage Guide - CBD dosages to help you. Dosage calculator for CBD & cannabinoids. Cannabis Dosage Calculator The Wee Hemp Company - Scotland's Leading CBD Shop & Multi Award Winning CBD Brand from Aberdeenshire
Supplementing with CBD is all about finding your own individual dose that suits you & your lifestyle.

Many people use CBD for many different things, some use it for general health & wellness, some use it for relief of symptoms or ailments, & others use it for ailments & long term conditions far more severe.

To really get the best out of CBD you must build up your doses slowly.

Start with a small dose of around 5-10mg per day for the 1st week, from there you can add drops week by week until you get to your desired CBD daily dose.Wee Hemp Dosage Guide -

And so on until you find the right dose for you. If you find you dose within the 4 week build up period then bravo!! You nailed it!

However it is important to manage your expectations, do not expect a dramatic change over night, you are looking to increase the amount of Cannabinoids within your system & this can take a few weeks.
How To Calculate Doses:

Divide the total mg (milligrams) per bottle by the amount of drops per bottle, this will give you the mg of CBD per individual drop.

All our CBD Drops are 10ml (size), each bottle contains approx. 200 drops.

5% | 500mg CBD:
500 (mg) / 200 (drops) = 2.5mg per drop (in our 10ml bottle).

10% | 1000mg CBD:
1000 (mg) / 200 (drops) = 5mg per drop (in our 10ml bottle).

25mg CBD per Wholotropic™ Capsule - 60x Capsules

Studies show that there is not one universal dosage for CBD. 

In most human studies, dosages range anywhere between 20 & 1500 milligrams (mg) per day, however Wee do not recommend you exceed 70mg CBD per day.

If you would like some help working out your doses, or if you would like us to come up with a Wee CBD Programme for you please get in touch:


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